SPECTATORS RETURN TO FOOTBALL                                    


1.  Covid-19 Officer / Control Measures:

The Covid-19 officer nominated for the club is Michael Wilson, with Board responsibility held by Diane Dent.  The Covid-19 officer is responsible for ensuring that the control measures identified in this document are implemented and that appropriate checks are made.

(Responsibility:  MW)

This document will be made available to everyone via the Club Website www.shildonafc.com and electronically via request from programme@shildonafc.com


2. Phased Return for Spectators to Football:

24th September 2020 onwards – capacity 150 (seating for 30).

(Responsibility:  MT/DD)

Shildon AFC will comply with any guidance given by the Government, local authorities, and local health organisations with regard to any lockdown measures.

Current guidance (as published 17th September 2020) advises that you should not attend amateur or professional sporting events as a spectator. If you do attend, you must remain socially distanced and in groups of no more than 6.

It is imperative that you do not attend or participate in football in you display any symptoms of Covid-19, are awaiting a test result, or are part of a household that is self-isolating.

Spectators should wear face coverings at all times.

Remember ‘Hands, Face, Space’ whenever possible.

(Responsibility:  ALL)

A site map of the ground highlighting facilities and restrictions (appended to this document) is available throughout the ground and will be shared via social media and the supporters club.

(Responsibility:  MW)

The Club is not currently implementing a one-way system but would ask that everyone is aware of social distancing responsibilities, limited covered seating is available in the main stand, there is no standing allowed in front of the main stand and the clubhouse/changing area.

(Responsibility:  All)

Due to spectator restrictions admission for games should be pre-booked via the Club (details will be circulated on social media) and confirmation presented at the gate upon arrival, please ensure that you bring the correct money.

(Responsibility:  MT/Spectators)

Current guidance (17/09/20) advises that you should not attend amateur or professional sporting events as a spectator in the areas affected. If you do attend, you must remain socially distanced and groups of no more than 6.

(Responsibility: Spectators)

Spectators requiring special access requirements are requested to contact the club where possible prior to attending where appropriate measures will be made to ensure appropriate access.

(Responsibility:  PM)


3. Competitive training:

To be held in accordance with published FA Guidance with groups limited to 30 including coaches – see FA Risk Assessment for Training.

Spectators are not permitted at training until further notice.

(Responsibility:  DM/MH)

4. NHS Track and Trace:

The Club will support NHS Track and Trace system with everyone who enters the ground being required to provide their name and telephone number.  Information obtained will not be used for any other purpose.

From 24th September 2020, the Club will also have the NHS Track and Trace ‘Q’ code in operation for those supporters with smartphones. Scanning this code on entry to the ground will ensure that your details and attendance at the ground are registered.

(Responsibility:  PM)

5. First Aid:

First Aid Kit to be up to date and include the appropriate PPE. Defibrillator on site.

(Responsibility:  AS)


6. Equipment:

All equipment will be cleaned regularly and after each use.

(Responsibility:  PM)

Prior to kick off, at drinks breaks and between halves, goalposts, flags, balls, red doors to access pitch all to be cleaned.

(Responsibility:  PM)


7. Social Distancing:

Players, staff, officials, volunteers, and supporters MUST adhere to social distancing and hygiene practices.

Current guidance (17/09/20) advises that you should not attend amateur or professional sporting events as a spectator in the areas affected. If you do attend, you must remain socially distanced and groups of no more than 6.  If you do attend face coverings must be worn.

Notices and markings are displayed at the entrance/exit of the ground and throughout the premises as a reminder.

(Responsibility:  All)


8. Covid-19 Self Assessment for Club Staff:

It is imperative that you do not attend or participate in football if you display any symptoms of Covid-19, are awaiting a test result, or are part of a household that is self-isolating.  A self-screening tool for individuals is available within the FA medical guidance.

(Responsibility:  Players/Staff/Officals/Volunteers

A coach or player who develops Covid-19 symptoms should self-isolate for at least 10 days from when symptoms start and arrange a test via www.nhs.uk or by calling 119 – THEY SHOULD NOT ATTEND TRAINING/GAMES until they have a result. A positive result will require them to isolate for at least 10 days from the symptoms starting and other household members/close contacts who live with them should stay at home for a period of 14 days. Other players/coaches who don’t have symptoms do not require testing unless identified as a close contact of the confirmed case – normally the 22 players on the pitch are not considered as close contacts and therefore shouldn’t isolate if another player tests positive for Covid-19.   This is based on the presumption that all players and staff socially distance at all times outside of the match.

Players and coaches should follow the protocol issued by the Durham FA (in conjunction with Public Health England) with regard to developing Covid-19 symptoms (protocol has been shared with players/coaches).

(Responsibility:  Players/Coaches)

As of the 12/09/2020 any club seeking a postponement due to Covid-19 must be sought via the Competition Secretary at least 48 hours before the fixture. Medical evidence/NHS confirmation of positive test results must be provided within 14 days of the postponement.

(Responsibility: MT)

The Club will not be carrying out any Covid-19 screening of people entering the ground.


9. Travel Arrangements:

All participants and attendees at the ground should follow best practice for travel, including minimising the use of public transport.

(Responsibility:  Officials/Volunteers/Supporters)

Players must not car-share outside their household bubble unless completely unavoidable and all alternatives have been exhausted, then players must follow Government guidance applicable to traveling in the same vehicle.

(Responsibility:  Players)


10. Hydration:

Players must use their own personal water bottles for training and matches, these should be clearly labeled.  Communal water bottles are not permitted.

(Responsibility:  Players)


11. Changing Rooms:

Players should arrive already changed where possible and bring spare clothes to travel home in if they wish.

(Responsibility:  Players)

Following activity, players should refrain from any further contact.

(Responsibility:  Players)

Bibs should only be used if absolutely necessary and should be worn once and not swapped between players. Bibs to be washed immediately after use.

(Responsibility:  Players)

When training, changing rooms should be avoided where possible.

(Responsibility:  Players)

Hand sanitiser and hand-wash to be provided in players and officials dressing rooms. Players and Officials must sanitise hands before and after a game and in any scheduled breaks throughout the game or training session.

(Responsibility:  SC/SC-provision/Players/Officials)

Social distancing in the changing rooms/showers must be adhered to with staggered access being arranged and monitored by the Manager/Coaches of the respective teams.

(Responsibility:  DM/MH/Away Manager-Coach)

The changing rooms must be left entirely empty after use. Rubbish must be disposed of in bins provided and the room left clean and tidy.

(Responsibility: Home/Away Players & Coaches)

Home kit will be washed on site by the kit person as soon as possible following use.

(Responsibility: SC)

Strict cleaning schedule to be carried out following the use of changing facilities.

(Responsibility: SC)


12. Equipment:

Balls, bibs, cones, goalposts etc. MUST be regularly cleaned and sanitised after every session. Ball handling should be kept to a minimum and the ball to be disinfected in breaks of play.

(Responsibility: DM/MH/PM/SC)


13. Goalkeepers:

Goalkeepers and goalkeeper coach should ensure they disinfect their gloves regularly during breaks in training or matches and should be thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

(Responsibility: SN/MB/CM)


14. Warm-Up:

Separate warm-up areas to be identified before any game in order to maintain a safe distance between players, to be identified by Home Match Day Secretary.

(Responsibility: MT)


15. Ventilation:

Doors/windows in changing areas to remain open wherever possible to aid ventilation.

(Responsibility: PM/SC/JC)


16. Team(s) Arrival:

In advance of every match, a staggered arrival of each team should be arranged between the Managers/Coaches of each team.

(Responsibility: DM/MH/Away Team)


17. Referees & Assistants:

The Referee and Assistants to use the Boardroom prior to getting changed.  Drinks will be provided in this room.  They should not enter the Bar area.  Bank details to be provided to the Treasurer along with expenses breakdown via email on the day of the match in order that they can be reimbursed electronically by the end of the following day.

(Responsibility: Referees/Assistants/SD/JC – Provision/DD – Fees)


18. Refreshment / Bar Facilities:

Due to current Government guidelines, access to bar facilities are limited and will not be available to supporters on match day. People should contact Sue Charlton on 07443042862 for details and booking arrangements.

(Responsibility: SC/JC)

Anyone permitted access to the bar area MUST follow its existing Covid-19 risk assessment measures which are clearly displayed and is available on the Club’s website.

(Responsibility: All)


19. Toilets / Hand Sanitisation:

Male, female toilets will be available on-site for spectators.

Hand sanitisation stations will be available adjacent to the entrance/exit toilets and refreshment facilities.

(Responsibility: PM/SC)


20. Entry to Playing Area:

Teams must not enter or exit the field of play collectively. The teams should stagger their arrival on the pitch and this will be pre-arranged with the matchday officials.

(Responsibility: Players/PM/Referee)


21. Respect Handshake:

Pre-match handshakes to be suspended. Goal celebrations to be discouraged.

(Responsibility: Players/Referee)


22. Technical Areas:

Technical areas have been extended to accommodate seating outside of the dugouts for adequate social distancing for substitutes and coaching staff.

All coaching staff and substitutes in the technical area should wear a face covering.

(Responsibility: PM)


23. Team Sheets:

Physical team sheets will not be available. They will be sent electronically via photo or email if required, by the matchday secretary.  They will also be shared via social media.

(Responsibility: MT)


24. Boardrooms and Hospitality:

These facilities are not available for Club Officials until further notice.

(Responsibility: DD)


25. Away Players / Club Officials:

Away teams are asked to inform the Match Day Secretary at least 48 hours in advance of the names and contact details of players and officials attending the game.

(Responsibility: MT/DD/PM)


26. Smoking/Vaping:

Smoking or Vaping is not permitted within any indoor area and within 25 feet of any window or door within the ground.

(Responsibility: All)


27. Review:

The Club will continue to review these control measures in light of any guidance received from the Government, local authorities, local health organisations, and the Football Association.

(Responsibility: MW)


Updated 02/010/20

(Responsibility MW/DD)