Shildon AFC 100 Club next draw #Shildon100Club

The next Shildon AFC 100 Club draw will be taking place this Saturday. If you would like to join the draw please contact Andrew Jinks either via his Twitter @andrew_n_jinks or via email

With the first 100 numbers taken the next 100 have been opened up in blocks of 10. As the numbers are taken their will be a second draw. The first for £100 and the second £10 for every 10 numbers taken.

With no immediate football or bar takings this is one of the ways of raising valuable income for the club.

A reminder of the rules as follows:

100 numbers will go out for selection at a cost of £2 per number. Once full an additional numbers will be released in blocks of 10.

The winning number will receive £100 cash and £100 going to the club. If more than 100 numbers are sold then a second draw will be made, £10 for every additional 10 numbers taken.

In the event that numbers aren’t taken they will be automatically taken by the club.

Payments will be tracked via bank account.

Each participant to reference there name on payment, number to be confirmed with Andrew Jinks

Should the participant miss 2 weeks payment they will be removed from the draw.

Draws will be made available on our Website, Facebook and Twitter pages on Saturday evening with an opportunity for your business to be tagged in if it wins which is a cheap way of sponsorship and an opportunity to win £100.

If you want a business to be tagged you need to let Andrew know the tagline and name of the business as well as your name.