Mental Health Awareness Week

Manager Daniel has sent this message during Mental Health Awareness Week 👊🏼

“This is a good week with the current situation for people to reach out to friends and family to check in and see how everyone is doing.

This weekend I’m going to complete an SAS endurance test ran by The SF Experience Carrying 55lb in weight and completing 64km over 2 days and along the way I’m going to check in with some of the supporters of Shildon Football Club that have been shielding and self isolating.

Now in no way is this a fundraiser but these people are normally up volunteering their own time at the club during the close season completing ground maintenance.”

We have a go fund me page that is helping assist with the maintenance so if you do wish to help us as club then just follow the link and donate were possible with 20% of the money raised also going to Mark Solan trust.

Go Fund Me Page Link