Emirates FA Cup 2021/22 – Update

Following correspondence received today from the Football Association (FA) we can confirm the position with regard to the FA Cup for the 2021/222 Season.

The FA had previously indicated that there would be 21 Step 4 Clubs, that are not exempt to the Preliminary Round and will instead enter the Competition in the Extra Preliminary Round, this would comprise of three clubs from five of the Step 4 Leagues and two Clubs from the other three Step 4 Leagues.

We can confirm that Shildon AFC has been accepted into the competition and will start in the extra preliminary round.  The draw for the first two rounds of the competition will be held on 9th July 2021.  Dates for each of the rounds have also been published and are listed below.

Extra Preliminary Round – Saturday 7 August 2021
Preliminary Round – Saturday 21 August 2021
First Round Qualifying – Saturday 4 September 2021
Second Round Qualifying – Saturday 18 September 2021
Third Round Qualifying – Saturday 2 October 2021
Fourth Round Qualifying – Saturday 16 October 2021
First Round Proper – Saturday 6 November 2021
Second Round Proper – Saturday 4 December 2021
Third Round Proper – Saturday 8 January 2022
Fourth Round Proper – Saturday 5 February 2022
Fifth Round Proper – Wednesday 2 March 2022
Quarter-Final – Saturday 19 March 2022
Semi-Final – Saturday 16 April 2022
Final – Saturday 14 May 2022

Further information on the competition can be found here: