Shildon AFC: A Valued Community Hub Under Threat from Vandalism

Shildon Association Football Club (Shildon AFC), a cherished community institution known for its vibrant events and unwavering community support, faces an battle against the growing menace of youth vandalism. Illegal access to the stadium by mischievous youths has caused damage to the property, posing potential risks to both the club and the community events it proudly hosts.

The unauthorised entry of youths into the stadium premises has resulted in substantial damage to property. The financial burden of repairing this damage puts immense strain on the club’s limited resources, potentially jeopardising the Clubs ability to carry out essential community initiatives.

Shildon AFC has been an ardent advocate of positive engagement with local people. Its various community events aim to channel the energy of young people into constructive endeavors. However, the destructive actions of a few threaten to undermine these efforts, leaving the Club, its supporters, and the community at large disheartened.

In response to these challenges, the club is calling upon local authorities, community leaders, and parents to work collaboratively to address this pressing issue. Shildon AFC firmly believes that dialogue, education, and increased vigilance are key to curbing the instances of vandalism and securing the premises from further illegal entries.

Moreover, the club encourages young individuals to embrace the positive values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for community property.  By engaging with local schools and organisations, the club aims to inspire the next generation to become active participants in the community’s growth and progress.

The Club are working closely with Durham Constabulary through the Shildon Neighbourhood Policing team and the crime prevention team to help reduce the incidence of vandalism and a number of safeguards will be put in place.

Shildon Neighbourhood Policing Team

Shildon AFC acknowledges that the vast majority of local youth are not involved in such destructive behavior and highlights that it is only a small minority that needs guidance and support to make better choices.

As we celebrate the club’s rich history, it is incumbent upon the entire community to rally behind Shildon AFC. Together, we can ensure that the Club continues to thrive, hosting community events that bring joy and togetherness to the heart of all Shildon residents.

By standing united against the scourge of vandalism and promoting responsible behaviour, we hope to preserve the legacy of Shildon AFC as a cherished community club that fosters pride, unity, and happiness for years to come.