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Chairman’s Statement on Covid-19 risk assessment at Dean Street

Chairman’s statement 

We have worked really hard to get our Club in a position to play games again at Dean Street with Covid plans being in place for the bar and the Clubhouse. We have invested in outside Portaloos as the Bar is closed on match days and now have an appointment system in place which is linked to a Track n Trace system in order to make your experience of Dean Street as safe as we possibly can 
With the increase in infections and the Governments recent announcement  we now all have to be extra vigilant 
I would like to thank everyone of our supporters who have embraced our policies and now I would ask you to abide by the Rule of 6. It’s really important that you do and we’ve all got to do our bit to ensure that football remains this season.
Therefore when you come to the ground can you ensure the following happens;
  • you don’t come in a group of larger than 6 people
  • you use our hand sanitiser
  • you adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • you DON’T use the Bar toilets
  • you DON’T congregate in numbers of more than 6 
People will be asked to leave the ground if they can’t follow the above procedures
I know it won’t come to that. It’s a small price to pay to keep on watching Shildon AFC
Look forward to your support and let’s hope we build on our fantastic performance we had in our last game at Dean Street.