Covid-19 – Bar Risk Assessment Update






1.   Separate exit and entrance doors to avoid crowding at these points.

2.   Doors to be kept open wherever possible to increase air flow

3.   Hand sanitiser to be available at all times at key locations

4.   Hygiene, directional signage and social distancing notices to be displayed for staff and customers.

5.   Tables to be spaced out, at least 2m apart and must not be moved by customers.

6.   Maximum capacity of the bar now set at 10 until further, all to be appropriately socially distanced according to household/support bubble. Tables must be booked prior to attending – please call Sue Charlton on 07443042862.

7.   All customers/visitors must sign in and provide contact details on arrival to support NHS Track and Trace system or scan the QR code on wall.

8.   Everyone MUST adhere to social distance guidelines in relation to other people or groups – People can only mix indoors with their own households or support bubble.

9.   Maximum occupancy number set for bar area is 10, when capacity is reached this will be displayed on entrance door and no further customers will be permitted entry.

10.   Contactless payment is preferred.

11.   The bar is not open to supporters, home players or the away team on Match days. A can bar will be operated from the kitchen hatch which is available to everyone. You must maintain social distance whilst in the queue. Food for the home players will be provided from the kitchen hatch.

12.   Number of employees behind bar/kitchen area to be limited

13.   No smoking allowed beside entrance or exit. No vaping permitted in the bar.

14.   Enhanced hand wash routines implemented and reminders displayed in all areas

15.   Sanitising of touch points front and back of house regularly and at least every hour

16.   No queuing or standing at the bar – table service will be provided. Glasses will be collected by staff from an allocated table and should not be returned to bar by customers

17.   Employees able to advise on social distancing.

18.   Staff excluded from work, based on Government guidance, should they display any symptoms of illness or if they are required to self isolate.

19.   Face masks and gloves available to staff and MUST be worn at all times

20.   Customers/visitors to the bar and hospitality areas MUST wear face coverings except when seated at a table to eat or drink.

21.   Staff to advise customers/visitors on the wearing of face coverings within the bar

22.   Return to work assessment of staff who have been absent due to illness or isolation to determine their fitness to return

23.   All staff to be made aware of known routes for the transmission of COVID 19 and social distancing to maintain their well-being and those they come into contact with. Back to back or side by side working to minimise exposure

24.   Employees advised to launder clothes worn for work at 60’C or to use a laundry sanitising agent

25.   One way system to be used by visitors and customers in the bar as defined by clear markings

26.   Visitors, contractors to be on premises by appointment only.

27.   Communication channels available for staff to ask questions and raise concerns to support their physical and mental health

28.   Strictly only staff permitted behind bar and in kitchen/cellar area at any time

29.   Tables to be cleaned between customers

30.   Cleaning regime implemented between opening times. Monitoring documents to be provided and completed when cleaning is carried out

31.   Adequate number of fully stocked soap, sanitiser and cleaning products to be available at all times

32.   Customers/visitors who do not comply with the house rules will be asked to leave immediately and consideration made to future permitted entry.

33.   Toilets to be used on a strict one in, one out basis.  Surface cleaner will be available in toilets should customers wish to use, in addition to staff cleaning regime.

34.   The playing of any games including dominoes, darts, cards, lottery draws, etc is not permitted.

35.   Bar area cleaning routine to be adhered to by staff during shift times.

36.   Under 18’s are only allowed entry if accompanied by an adult at all times or unless a specific event has been organised.

37.   Booking of tables will be available

38.   The risk assessment to be reviewed on a weekly basis or with immediate effect of new Government guidance

REVISED 1st October 2020